At Safex Transport, we pride ourselves in our incredible team and our ability to provide our valued employees with exceptional working conditions. Discover our values and find out why so many have chosen Safex Transport as their trusted employer.

Drivers and owner operators

Our team

Who are we?

Safex Transport is a Canadian asset-based carrier offering transportation services across the North American East Coast. We believe that trust is at the heart of any successful business relationship, whether it be the trust we nurture with our clients through continued excellence, or the one we foster with our community of drivers and administrative personnel.


Safex Transport is always looking for new ambitious and hard-working individuals to join our team as administrative employees, drivers or even owner operators. Browse our current openings and get ready for a new adventure!


Why Safex Transport

At Safex Transport, every business decision, interaction and operation is based upon our core values, such as safety, ethical business and self-improvement.


Every effort is put in place to ensure the safety of our employees: routine fleet maintenance, rigorous safety standards and extensive drivers’ training programs allow us to provide our employees with a safe environment that promotes their well-being.


Safex Transport is always looking for new ways to improve its operations, and nothing provides better results than being mindful of our team’s ideas and insights. We are committed to growing alongside our employees by actively helping them set and achieve their objectives.


We recognize talent, but we also recognize the importance of growth and ambition. That is why, at Safex Transport, supporting our employees in the completion of their professional goals through coaching and career development opportunities is always a priority.