Safex Transport is an asset-based carrier founded in Montreal in 2014, which now serves a large pool of clients from Canada and the United States. Explore our news blog to find out more about what we do, the clients we serve, and the transportation and hauling industry as a whole!

Happy World Day for Safety and Health at Safex Transport

Everyday, we are extremely grateful for the team behind Safex Transport. It is because of all of them that we got to where we are now.

A new acquisition of 25 Volvo trucks!

Pierre Major, National corporate accounts director is proud to announce the delivery of another 25 brand new Volvo trucks this month.

A partnership that will truly help the Suroit area!

Safex Transport is pleased to announce a new partnership with Moisson Sud-Ouest, the community food bank that serves the Suroit area in the…

Quebec 1st place winner in Transport and logistics, 2nd in Canada

RAMINDER AND AMANDEEP SINGH, the brothers behind Safex Transport, know trucking. Their grandfather bought his first truck...

Smart expansion

Safex Transport announce yesterday the official opening of there new location and Hub in Woodbridge ON...

SmartWay Excellence Award recognizes Safex transport’s top environmental leadership

“Winners of the shipper and logistics awards use the most fuel-efficient SmartWay carriers and have the best performance within either the…