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A variety of transportation vehicles at your disposal

Safex Transport ensures the safe transportation and freight and cargo across the East Coast of Canada and the United States. Each vehicle in our fleet has been carefully selected to best serve our clients and is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology.
Our clients enjoy a vast variety of trailers, trucks and equipment to choose from depending on the size and nature of their shipments. Find out more about our different freight and cargo transportation vehicles and how they can be used for your specific shipments.

Dry vans

Our dry vans are the best option for shipments that do not require additional attachments or tying down. They are loaded from the back and can be locked, which allows for optimal safety to your merchandise. Furthermore, both sides and top remain closed, protecting your shipment against adverse weather.

Refrigerated trucks

Our refrigerated trucks are equipped with modern cooling systems to maintain your products at the required temperature until they reach their destination. Our team of professional drivers work tirelessly to deliver your merchandise and perishable goods safely using the quality-controlled environment these refrigerated trucks offer.

Our specialized equipment and services

Throughout the years, we have developed the expertise necessary to accommodate any needs. Discover some of our specialized services or discuss with our experts to determine what we can do specifically for you and your business.

Flat beds

With easy access to the different merchandise, the Flat Bed Trailer allows for easier handling as well as side loading. Firmly secured on various anchor points, this trailer also represents a safe transportation option for many types of bulkier goods. Highly versatile, the flat bed is ideal for transporting shipments with a height and width of about 120 inches.

Step decks

Drop decks

Drop decks lie low near the ground, which allows for easier loading and unloading for lift truck operators. These trailers allow for the transportation of items that go up to a height of 120 inches.

Low pros

Double drop decks

Similar to the drop deck trailers, double drop decks are easier to load and unload and lay relatively low near the ground. However, due to their detachable option, they can accommodate even taller shipments, making them the perfect choice for hauling items of up to 144 inches high and 102 inches large.


Curtain-side trucks

Similar to a normal dry van, a curtain-side truck is also covered from all sides and can be locked for further safety precautions. However, these trucks have the advantage of opening from the side, which allows for an easier loading and unloading process and an overall simplified handling of your merchandise.

Heavy haulage

The transportation of heavy and over-dimensional pieces should not be a hassle. At Safex Transport, we employ a vast array of modern technologies and specialized equipment to make even the largest haulage tasks safe and smooth.

Our experienced staff is at your disposal to assist you in the fulfillment of your shipment, handling all the logistics and permit acquisition on your behalf so that you can continue to focus on what you do best.

Expedited trucking

At Safex Transport, your time-sensitive shipments are our priority. Our experienced drivers will ensure the safe arrival of your goods to their destination, within the set time frame. Say goodbye to stressful shipping delays : entrust your urgent matters to us for a timely delivery and a streamlined shipping process.

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